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Hello. Welcome to marketigcore.com service

At the moment, you are in your personal account, where after ordering semantics you will have the opportunity to monitor all processes of work on the semantic core. Before you start working with the service, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy, as well as the conditions for working with us:

1. We charge a fixed prepayment of 250 Canadian dollars, before starting work, but after the stage of coordinating all the details.

2. When working with our service, you yourself determine the size of the semantic core and pay only for those key requests that you approved. The cost of one disassembled key is 50 Canadian cents. There are no hidden commissions in our service and you pay only for the selected keys.

3. Prohibited topics. We do not collect semantic cores in niches such as the illicit manufacture, propaganda, and distribution of: - fake documents;
- materials that contain porn
- violence
- extremism
- insult
- appeal for suicide.

4. The minimum order size for the semantic core is 500 keys, which corresponds to the amount of prepayment. In the event that the total number of key phrases in the semantic core is less than the minimum number, the balance of the prepayment is not refundable. We do not provide the exact number of keywords in the core at the initial stage, but we can provide an estimated total size of the core depending on the primary cut of a niche and own experience. We do not collect the exact number of groups, and do not give away the semantic core in fragments due to incorrect grouping in this case. However, we can assemble a section / subtopic if they can be separated.

5. The timing of work on the semantic core depends on the complexity of the topic, brief, workload of our employees, as well as the chosen grouping technique. Usually, we focus our clients on such terms:
- 1-2 days as well as coordination of all the nuances of the brief, and identification of the main trends of the niche;
- 2-3 days parsing and cleaning (depends on the chosen technique);
- 1 day grouping of 1,500 keywords;
- 1-3 days core check by specialists;
- preparation of technical specifications copywriters.
That is, if your SC is 10k keywords in size, work on it will take from 10 to 15 days.

6. In your personal account you will have the opportunity to communicate directly with the manager, as well as the head of the semantics department.

7. In your personal account you will have the opportunity to communicate directly with the manager, as well as the head of the semantics department.

8. Payment field for the finished semantic core, it will be available for download in your account. As a rule, technical tasks for authors will be ready in 2-3 days after payment.

9. Payment can be made in in Canadian dollars or US dollars, thus:
- PayPal;
- MasterCard or Visa;
- Transfer to a bank card in Canada or US;
- Wire (SWIFT) payment;
- Cash at office in Toronto;
- Webmoney.

10. After payment, we will send you SC with all the files. And also files with technical specifications for copywriters

11. In case you still have questions, please write to the chat "Technical Support" which is located at the bottom right.